We are truly grateful for the continued generosity of our community. Your generous support helps to make the NSHA experience extraordinary for all of our students.

Platinum $5,000
Betti and Ramin Abdolazadeh
Lital and Joshua Amini

Mazal Tov to Melody Etessami and Family on this well-deserved honor. May the memory and legacy of Rafael z"l continue to inspire us to perform acts of kindness and chesed.

Lisa and Michael Aryeh
Black Tie Security Inc.
Madeline and Michael Brisman
Dell Transportation
Margot and Glenn Ettlinger
Elane and Russell Friedman
Doreen and Charlie Hadid
Natasha and Jason Hakimian
Sadie and Michael '97 Hakimian
Melanie '06 and Bobby '96 Hematian
Larry Horn and Family
Judith and Ramin Kamali
Marla and Micah Lemonik
Natascha and Parham '87 Shaer
Sarvenaz and Pouya Toobian
Gold $3,600
Alexandra and Arie Aboulafia
Melissa '07 and Rami Ben Yehuda

Mazal tov to our dear Melody, Adam, and Lia on this honor.
Melody- we are so proud of you. Keep shining and being the amazing mom that you are.
Love, Aviva Ben Yehuda and family

Polina '09 and Sammy Ghassabian
Eva and Rex '86 Hakimian
Adina and Shawn '90 Hakimian
Charlotte '06 and Jonathan Kashanian
Anita and Farzan Kashimallak
Carolina and Shahyad Nassimian
Marci and Murray '87 Rabinowitz
Aliza and Dov Sassoon

Mazal Tov to all the honorees on their dedication and service to NSHA.

Rebecca '91 and Eric Senderowicz
Jessica and Noah '96 Steinberg
Silver $2,600
Nazanin and Albert Aghalarian
Penina and Benjamin Kelaty
Jennifer and Ronnie '96 Kordvani
Tovah '93 and Josh Marmer
Abigail '96 and Seth Weiss

Mazal tov to Gary and Beth Orbach,
Melody Etessami and Family,
and Morah Susan Lieberman.
Thank you for your dedication and leadership to the NSHA Community!

Copper $1,800
Beth and Marc Gottlieb
Debbie '77 and Alan Kestenbaum
Randi and Arthur Luxenberg
Ellen and Avery Modlin
Jacqueline and Dan Nissan

Mazel tov to Beth and Gary Orbach,
Melody Etessami and Family,
and Mrs. Susan Lieberman.
May you continue to go from strength to strength.
With gratitude,
Dan and Jackie Nissan
Raphie, Rebecca, Gabriella, Michelle, and Rebeka

Porcelain $1,500
Erica and Eliot Heisler

Wishing all of the dinner honorees continued success in all of their endeavors! We at Elite Dental Spa are proud to support them and the entire North Shore Hebrew Academy community.
Eliot and Erica Heisler
Amanda(EC,ES,MS,HS), James(EC,ES,MS,HS), Jason(EC, ES,MS) and Chloe(EC, ES)

Debbie and Doron Hakimian

Mazal Tov to Melody, Adam and Lia on this great honor. Rafael was an amazing person, a dear friend and a symbol of courage to all who knew him. May his memory be a blessing to your family.

Bronze $1,000
Debbie and Simon Auerbacher
Naomi and Adam '93 Cohen
Sydelle and Rob Knepper
Sarabeth and David '72 Kufeld

Our warmest congratulations to Beth & Gary and to Morah Susie! And we honor the memory of Rafael, z'l.
B'Chavod, Suri and David Kufeld

Fran and Bernie Mermelstein
Sue and Arthur '63 Talansky
Providing Sponsor $500
Miriam and Gilad Ellenberg
Aliza Herzberg, Managing Member Herzberg Law Group
Supporting Sponsor $250
Rita Gordonson

In honor of the most beautiful wonderful teacher, Susie Lieberman. Thank you for your 50 years of service to our school.
Rita Gordonson, Sara (Gordonson) Culang, Rina Gordonson and Family.

Adina and Edwin Rosman
Listing $180
Ruth and Milton Mitzner
Pam and Baruch Toledano
Laura and Errol Uhr
Michael Warren
Rafael's Angels
Lital and Joshua Amini
Melanie '06 and Bobby '96 Hematian
Sarabeth and David '72 Kufeld
Kelly and Joseph '13 Nitzani
Abigail '96 and Seth Weiss
Morah Susan Lieberman Scholarship Fund
Sara Brownstein Goldman '80

Mazal Tov Morah Susie Lieberman on your retirement!
My life would have taken a different path without you!
Much love always,
Sara Brownstein Goldman '80

Barak Greenfield '82

Thank you, Morah Lieberman, for educating me personally, and by extension, generations of Torah Jews.

Dina '90 and Natan Hamerman
Sarabeth and David '72 Kufeld
Alan Mitzner '77
Ruth and Milton Mitzner
Deena and Larry Rabinovich
Sue and Arthur '63 Talansky
Roselin Wagner
Abigail '96 and Seth Weiss