Beth and Morris Apfelbaum

Mazel tov Susie on this well-deserved honor.
It was a privilege to have known you from High School on up.
We know you taught and influenced many students over the years.
Mazel Tov.

The Block Family

Morah Lieberman,
Words are inadequate to express the hakarat hatov we have for your being such an important
inspiration and role model in our formative years, helping shape our love for Torah.
הצבי ישׂראל על בּמותיך חלל איך נפלו גיבּורים
Your love for teaching impacts on us, your students, each and every day.
We are forever grateful for your life lessons and instilling that same love of Torah that is apparent in you.
May you continue to affect so many, in each and everything you do מחיל אל חיל.
Respectfully and with love and appreciation,
Elisha Block '91, Tamar Block Weiner '93, Akiva Block '94, Shoshana Block Bender '96, Avi Block '99, Yakov Block '00

Viviane and Arnold Breitbart

Thank you, Morah Lieberman, for your outstanding teaching to our children Morris, Charles, and Marcelle. We appreciate your incredible contributions and are grateful for your presence at each of our children's simchas. We wish you continued energy and many blessings.
With love,
The Breitbart Family

Marcie and Yaakov Calm

In honor of Susan recognizing the wonderful work she did for the many students who were fortunate to learn in her classroom over the many years at North Shore Hebrew Academy.  She is most deserving of this special recognition and we look forward to see what she does during her retirement.
With best wishes and admiration,
Marcie and Yaakov

Chaya Duchin '75

Mazal Tov to Mrs. Susie Lieberman - With deep love and appreciation for fifty years of teaching, inspiring and instilling excitement for, and love of Torah, for your wisdom, strength, support, and friendship to this very day! May you continue to go from strength to strength in good health, happiness, and joy.
With Love,
Chaya (Hurewitz) Duchin and Family
Graduating Class of '75
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

Zvi Erenyi, Zoltan Erenyi Charitable Trust
Florence and Robert Feder

Mazal Tov on your well-deserved honor and on your retirement.
We have enjoyed sharing backyards with you and have many happy memories of our shared simchas.

Sara Brownstein Goldman '80

Mazal Tov Morah Susie Lieberman on your retirement! My life would have taken a different path without you!
Much love always,
Sara Brownstein Goldman '80

Arel Golombeck '93
Barak Greenfield '82

Thank you, Morah Lieberman, for educating me personally, and by extension, generations of Torah Jews.

Amy Fox Griffel and Martin Griffel
The Gurland Family

Mazal Tov!
Leslie, James, Ariel, Anita and Carole

Dina '90 and Natan Hamerman
Zisi Horowitz

Dear Susan,
There is no one more deserving of this honor. My husband ע"ה thought the world of you as a person and an unusually gifted educator. Mazal Tov and my best wishes to you and your family. I will be with you in spirit.

Suri and David '72 Kufeld
Debbie and Arthur Lampert

My sister, Morah Susan Lampert Lieberman, is the quintessential teacher. She has been dedicated to Jewish Education for as long as I can remember. She immersed herself in Tanach, Midrash and the classic commentators since elementary school. There are always divrei torah at her table at home, and she teaches Torah to young adults at the North Shore Hebrew Academy, to adults at the Queens Jewish Center, and she has spoken to our shul in Ra’anana as well. 

From the time Susan became Morah Lampert, then Morah Lieberman, when she began teaching at North Shore in 1970 (!), the focus on her students was amazing. Susan conveys not just her in-depth knowledge of Tanach but her love for Torah and for the Jewish traditions. And that is what it is all about.

She loves her students like family, and they love her back. Wherever we go a chorus of “morah” follows her, from the multiple generations of students that she has taught. Little did we know, when growing up, that my sister would become a celebrity in the Jewish community.

We are proud of all of her accomplishments as a teacher, a lecturer, and a model for young women. She is a treasured asset to her family, her students, the North Shore Hebrew Academy, the Queens Jewish Center, and to us, her Israeli family.

Susan is a modern, old school, Mrs. Chips. Would that I had a teacher like Susan when I was in school.

Arthur and Debbie Lampert
Ra’anana, Israel

Lieberman Family

Mazal Tov, MOM, On this well-deserved honor. You are the best mother and role model that we ever could have asked for.
Growing up, your love of Torah learning permeated our home, and because of you, we try to create that same love of Torah atmosphere in our own homes for our own children. We know how much the North Shore Hebrew Academy means to you, and our entire family is forever grateful that they’ve taken such good care of you these past 50 years. It will be hard for all of us to say goodbye.
We love you,
Tzippy and Yoni
Avi and Esther
Miriam and Naor

Cindy and Jeffrey Liebmann
Sharon and Izzy Metal
Ruth and Milton Mitzner
Alan Mitzner '77
Queens Jewish Center

We honor our dear friend Susan Lieberman, who is not just an Eishet Chayil to her own family, but is a role model for all of us with her compassion, her gracious hospitality, her sensible approach to all situations and her willingness to share her love of Torah by giving shiurim and divrei Torah to her very appreciative Queens Jewish Center family.

Eliana & R’ Judah Kerbel
Janie Algaze
Michele Antis
Helen Baruch
Miriam Blustein
Carol & Sheldon Borgen
Tami & Nathan Braun
Annette Browdy
Robert Burger
Janey Ciner
Margy Cohen
Jeffrey Dicker
Hilda & Reuben Epstein
Zvi Erenyi
Barbara & Richard Etra
Judy & Allen Fagin
Les Farber
Florence & Robert Feder
Amy & David Ferstendig
Sol Friedman
R’ Shmuel & Chai Soreh Gold
Toni & Nick Gordon
Sandy Greenblatt
Sosha & Jules Halpern
Neva Goldstein Hellman & Simcha Hellman& Family
Chana Hochman
Seymour Kaplan
Esther Katz
Rita Katz
Renee & David Leibowitz
Herbert Levy
Carol Lippman
Tania Materman
Lillian & David Nelson
Jack Nussbaum
Naomi Nussbaum-Antis
Gloria Rapoport
Francine Raubvogel
Larry Raubvogel
Shirley & Aryeh Rendel
Helene Rubenstein
Eva & Manny Sack
Herb Schonhaut
Phyllis & Baruch Sendic
Yehudis Silberberg
Lainie & Alan Slomowitz
Daisy Stark
Esther Weinstock
Mendel Weiss

Deena and Larry Rabinovich
Keli and Judah '94 Rifkin

Words cannot express our hakarat hatov to Morah Lieberman and everything she has done for NSHA and for our family.
We have enjoyed a rare two generations of her wonderful teaching and mentoring.
We are forever grateful and wish her a wonderful (and well deserved) retirement!

Rachel and Yitzy Spinner
Ilene Stallman '80

You are vividly remembered as a dear and insightful teacher. You made NSHA a wonderful home.
I hope you are well and sending you the best.

Sue and Arthur '63 Talansky
Roselin Wagner
Lisa and Dov '96 Weinstein
Abigail '96 and Seth Weiss

Morah Susan Lieberman Scholarship Fund

In honor of Morah Susan Lieberman’s indelible legacy of instilling the highest level of Torah education, midot and derech eretz in generations of NSHA students, we are proud to establish the Morah Susan Lieberman Scholarship Fund.

This award will be given to a North Shore Hebrew Academy Middle School student to assist in offsetting his or her tuition based on need and the passion that the student has displayed in Torah study, respect for peers and faculty, love of Eretz Yisrael and leadership in tefila.

Please join us in creating this fund which will honor the passionate work of Morah Lieberman for the last 50 years and extend her legacy in perpetuity at North Shore Hebrew Academy.

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Morah Susan Lieberman Scholarship Fund

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