Committee Members

Dinner Committee
In Formation
Jasmine and Reuben Ben Jehuda
Laura '85 and Elie Cohen
Desiree '04 and Elad Dror
Michelle and Benjamin '94 Feintuch
Sara '93 and Andrew Feldschreiber
Katie '04 and Nadav Geft
Robyn and Mark Gelberg
Talia and Sol '92 Goldwyn
Doreen and Charles Hadid
Jill Haft '80
Karen and Jason Hammerman
Judith and Ramin Kamali
Aliza and Adam Karkowsky
Jamie and Michael '75 Katz
Debbie Kestenbaum '77
Daniella '08 and Jeffrey Kirshner
Michelle '00 and Steven Klein
Barrie and Joshua '98 Lev
Paula and Mark Lev
Randi and Arthur Luxenberg
Jennifer and Yonni Mrejen
Daniella '91 and Jonathan Muller
Shirley and Natan Nassimi
Jasmine '96 and Oliver Nassimi
Dina and Jonathan Ohebshalom
Beth and Gary Orbach
Dara and Andrew Pfeffer
Aviva and Michael Rosenberg
Michelle '77 and Barry Rubin
Peri and Steven Santodonato
Gail and Maurice Setton
Jessica and Evan Shusterman
Cheryl and Ron Silverman
Jackie and Jacob Soleimani
Jessica and Noah '96 Steinberg
Ilana and Aaron Wallenstein
Amanda '05 and David '94 Zar
Jessica and Andrew Zinaman